Rites of Passage

Rites of Passages

Offered by our Clergy 

Major life transitions can be easier to adjust to when welcomed with a rite of passage. WRMCO-ATC performs a large number of rites of passages for many different life events.

Rite of Mystery (starting Kindergarten)
Maiden/Rove Rites
Rite of Libation (21st Birthday)
Warrior Rites
Mother/Father Rites
and Many More

WRMCO-ATC also offers legal ordination through our program.




I look forward to making it to the meeting


Talitha C Crosby

Hello i am new to this, i have had five throws and was assumed to be a great candidate for being in a coven i am very interested in being a part of something greater or as great as i am


Talitha C Crosby

I am interested in being a part of something bigger and to know what kind of person i am. I was born on all hallows eve. Have had 5 throws to determine my fate and want to know and be more



    Hi Talitha,

    Thanks for the contact. We would welcome a visit to meet you and talk about your path and join with us in celebration. Look for an email from us!
    Welcome, Blessed Be


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