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A Mystery School in the Ozarks Foothills

As you travel down route 142 of off US 63 West you pass through Thayer, MO onto a winding hilly two lane blacktop highway. You know you are just 21 miles from your destination. On both sides of the road are fields and trees, horses and cattle, and one crosses over a one lane bridge over a sleepy stream. You pass Route 17 and 6 miles down the road is the sign for State Route JJ. At this point a bright yellow building appears on the left with the sign for Wite Rayvn Metaphysical Church ~ ATC. A little past the building you see the driveway to the retreat center with the Labyrinth on the left and the barn straight ahead. church


People are going in and out of the church, camp sites are being filled, cars parked, pavilions are going up and people are greeting new and old friends as they prepare for Three Gates Gathering ~ A Mystery School. It is going to be a full weekend. You can see the vendors putting out their wares in the Fairy Fare, and you get out of your car with expectation and excitement for this event.


100_1337The Retreat Center is a reclaimed 4.9 Acre site that until two and a half years ago was a Rent to Own property of an absentee landlord. There were piles of garbage, metal, and other undesirable things all over the property. The members of Wite Rayvn Metaphysical Church ~ ATC worked tirelessly with reclaimed and repurposed material to turn it into what you see before you. The main circle was once the garbage dump, the shower house is inside the barn and the campsites were cut out of the wooded area. As you look you see Dragons, Fairies, and many plants and flowers in bloom.


The labyrinth is to your right through a natural archway that you can just make out the goddess who awaits you in the center. The labyrinth itself is unusual as the100_1331 walls are actually plants and flowers that are magical and their aroma fills the air around you. The magic is palatable as you get out of your car and look all around.




The ritual circle has eight points and the four gateways each have elemental altars that you wish to explore, yet you know you must check in and get your camp set up or head to the farmhouse depending on what you have decided.100_1336





Three Gates Gathering ~ A Mystery School , is an exploration of the mysteries with a multi-traditional focus held for the fifth year, June 26-28, 2015. This festival brings together individuals from many paths to share in a safe and open environment workshops related to Paganism and Wicca. As you look over the program you see that Melissa Anderson of the Circle of Ancient Sisters is teaching the track on Divine Womb to Tomb, Kara D Williams of the WISE covenant in Conyers GA and Dean of Education of the Woolston-Steen Theological Seminary a track on Sacred Sexuality, and Grey Mere and Cynthia Blodgett-Griffin of the Order of the Red Grail a track on Rites of Passage. You hardly know which set of workshops in which to participate. You are really glad that as a special treat there is a special workshop by Rowena Whaling on the Wheel of the Year that everyone can go to! You see that Saturday night has music is provided by Rowena of the Glen and Mama Gina LeMonte and you see that there will be many opportunities to “hang out” with elders of many pagan paths and to spend good fellowship time with people from as far away as Vancouver, BC and Boston, MA. This festival is something that has something for everyone.
To have your own experience at Three Gates Gathering ~ A Mystery School get more information or to register here
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We are so glad you found us. We are an open Wiccan Church that is a 501(c)3 affiliate congregation of the Aquarian Tabernacle Church

 Our goal is to bring forth by our actions, dealings, the manifestation of the Divine in all ways. Physical, Emotional, and Spiritually.

 We are joining together in MUTUAL SUPPORT of ALL PATHS, as chosen by EACH individual. We support many organizations that facilitate the mutual respect of individuals, whether two footed, four footed, crawly, creepy, feathered, stone, or scaly. These are all our relations.

 Join US, in celebrating LIFE in all its diversity

We are family friendly and open to all individuals. We are gender, religion, creed, ethnicity, and racially neutral!

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