Wite Rayvn Metaphysical Church

  A Southern Missouri Wiccan Church

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We are so glad you found us. We are an open Wiccan Church that is a 501(c)3.

 Our goal is to bring forth by our actions, dealings, the manifestation of the Divine in all ways. Physical, Emotional, and Spiritually.

 We are joining together in MUTUAL SUPPORT of ALL PATHS, as chosen by EACH individual. We support many organizations that facilitate the mutual respect of individuals, whether two footed, four footed, crawly, creepy, feathered, stone, or scaly. These are all our relations.

 Join US, in celebrating LIFE in all its diversity

We are family friendly and open to all individuals. We are gender, religion, creed, ethnicity, and racially neutral!

Join us for a full moon or celebration! Check out all the dates here for full and new moons and here for celebrations

For more information on Wite Rayvn Metaphysical Church check out our other pages!

Wite Rayvn Metaphysical Church is honored to be a partner with the Charter for Compassion! Join us by signing the charter.

Click the image below and join us and be a channel for Compassion in the World!

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15 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hello my husband and I just found out about your Church and was excited about it. We didn’t know that there would be one near us. We live in West Plains MO. We don’t associate with many people because of our beliefs they don’t agree. We would love to hear more about everything. A good friend told us about how friendly everyone was

    1. Yes indeed we do! September 17 at 8:00 PM is our next Full Moon celebration, September 24 is our Mabon Celebration at 7:30 Pm (Pot luck then ritual) and you are welcome to both! Let us know if you can make either of these!

  2. Do you know of anything in arizona i have been doing solitary practice for a while now and wish to cooect with others to celebrate sabbots and learn more

  3. Hi I’m Liz I’m penicostpagan- I have two beliefs systems interested in your family group from Thayer mo hope to hear from you blessed be

    1. Hi,
      We would be open to meeting you! Our next open ritual is this Saturday November 12 at 730 PM for a full moon celebration. Feel free to come! You can use the contact us form on the site if you desire to come visit before or after! Hope to meet you soon! Blessed Be!

  4. Hi. I just discovered your site. I am floored to discover that you have a congregation here. I would love the opportunity to visit. I discover this possibility at a time of great need spirituality. I know that I was meant to discover you in this time and in this place.

    1. And indeed you have. Greetings and Merry Meet. We would love for you to stop by the church! We are having Full Moon tonight Saturday February 11 at 730! Please feel free to come to this open ritual tonight. I look forward to further communication with you!

  5. HI I was wondering about joining ur church. My name is Krystle n I’ve been practicing for about 14 years. If u would like to get ahold of me my number is 4792250682

    1. Absolutely,

      Feel free to come over and see the church and site. Also we have an open event June 23 if you are interested! We will contact you sometime this week by phone.

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