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 Wite Rayvn ATC   Southern Missouri Wiccan Church

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Hello World!

We are so glad you found us. We are an open Wiccan Church that is a 501(c)3 affiliate congregation of the Aquarian Tabernacle Church

 Our goal is to bring forth by our actions, dealings, the manifestation of the Divine in all ways. Physical, Emotional, and Spiritually.

 We are joining together in MUTUAL SUPPORT of ALL PATHS, as chosen by EACH individual. We support many organizations that facilitate the mutual respect of individuals, whether two footed, four footed, crawly, creepy, feathered, stone, or scaly. These are all our relations.

 Join US, in celebrating LIFE in all its diversity

We are family friendly and open to all individuals. We are gender, religion, creed, ethnicity, and racially neutral!

Join us for a full moon or celebration! Check out all the dates here for full and new moons and here for celebrations

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